Jonathan is a highly experienced media lawyer who acts for high-profile corporations and individuals to protect their reputation, the value of their brand and/or individual profile, and their privacy and confidential material. He also represents broadcasters and publishers dealing with defamation or privacy disputes and assists them to minimise risk while retaining full editorial integrity by reviewing and editing material prior to broadcast or publication.

Jonathan also safeguards the intellectual property of a range of media and entertainment clients including broadcasters, independent production companies, musicians and authors. As well as protecting the more traditional forms of copyright in literature and music (he is an ex-professional musician who is classically trained and has spent many hours in recording studios), he is skilled in dealing with the protection of more esoteric forms of copyright such as television formats, and is the founder and director of the International Format Lawyers Association. He has conducted a number of high-profile format rights disputes and also advises on copyright risk prior to broadcast/publication. He regularly delivers seminars at major international TV festivals on format protection and is an advisor to FRAPA (the international format industry association).

In addition, Jonathan has worked closely with most of the leading PR agencies as a trusted partner to create effective media strategies when client reputations are under threat by the media. He undertakes PR crisis management work for both corporate clients and high-profile individuals in commerce, politics and the entertainment industry, utilising the skill set he has gained from many years in the media industry. He is most effective prior to a crisis occurring, in either preventing it taking place or greatly reducing its impact. However, where brands or reputations have suffered damage, he conducts regulatory complaints and/or litigation on their behalf.

A frequent contributor to the press (including clients such as The Huffington Post and International Business Times for whom he writes articles) and industry-leading publications such as the Inforrm media law website, Jonathan also speaks regularly on television and radio as well as at a range of media events and as part of debate panels.