Jordan is a barrister with more than ten years’ experience of conducting and advising on regulatory, white-collar and workplace investigations on the one hand, and representing individuals and multinational companies in respect of the laws of the international organizations on the other.

Jordan’s global investigations practice includes all stages of the investigative process from initial receipt of allegations and red flag reviews, through to the management and conduct of investigations, the preparation of final investigative reports and acting as an interlocutor with regulatory and prosecutorial bodies.

The international focus of Jordan’s advocacy practice means that issues of conflict, in respect both of professional and lay clients, rarely arise in his corporate and workplace investigations practice. Jordan is able to accept instructions for investigations to be conducted and advice to be provided with the protections of legal professional privilege attaching, or as an independent investigator reporting to multiple parties or bodies.

Alongside his investigations practice, Jordan is one of a handful of expert practitioners globally who specialise in the employment laws and jurisdictions of international organizations, such as the United Nations, which are the product of treaties and enjoy privileges and immunities from national laws.

Whilst the concepts are similar to those in domestic employment law, this legally and procedurally technical area – which is also known as ‘international administrative law’ – has its own jurisprudence and often combines common law and civil law principles.

The disputes which Jordan is instructed to handle are resolved in a variety of ways, including by negotiations and mediations, and by recourse to courts and international arbitral tribunals.

Having also worked as an Investment Manager at a major litigation funder, Jordan assists both financiers and applicants in the analysis, assessment and preparation of applications for funding of commercial, insolvency and international arbitration cases, having regard not only to the legal merits but also to the commercial and financial facets of the proposition.