Oleg is a corporate lawyer with a distinct specialism in transactions for successful entrepreneurs and their corporate vehicles, particularly in emerging markets. His focus is advising clients on a broad range of mergers & acquisitions and financing transactions in technology, infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, and natural resource sectors.

Oleg is highly experienced in emerging markets, cross-border transactions, negotiated acquisitions, and private equity. Due to his extensive contacts and relationships he often has access to early-stage investment opportunities and acts as an investor or co-investor together with his clients or business partners.

In addition to his expertise as a corporate and commercial lawyer, Oleg has taken part in a number of high-profile litigation cases and has experience dealing with a wide range of matters including worldwide freezing orders, civil fraud cases, disclosure and confidentiality, as well as jurisdictional issues.

Oleg works closely with businesses as well as their directors and shareholders as a strategic adviser. He also acts as a director for a number of clients on their management boards.