Rabya is a leading specialist in the financial services, commodities (particularly energy and metals) and technology industries advising on all areas of regulation.

Rabya is particularly well respected for her expertise in market abuse and insider dealing, market manipulation scandals, trading practices and complex financial products such as derivatives.

Rabya also has significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, new product and platform launches, jurisdictional expansion, cross-border issues, fintech and blockchain-based products and other complex areas.

In addition to advising boards of major global institutions and C-suite executives on legal, regulation, risk and strategic matters, Rabya is also an Attorney and Advocate with higher rights of audience. This allows her to represent her clients in contentious matters in the highest courts both domestically and internationally.

Rabya is qualified to practise law in multiple jurisdictions and has been officially recognised as ‘a leader in her field of law’. She is widely regarded as a subject matter specialist and is frequently called upon by clients, industry media and regulatory bodies.

  • Technical advice is always exemplary and 100% relied upon…had great ideas and solutions for the business to adopt.

    Client, Major global financial services institution

  • Precise knowledge of current regulations…keen interest in and understanding of our business and its peculiarities…a very nice job.

    Client, Global investment bank headquartered in Tokyo, Japan

  • An astute tactician who can significantly lift a claim and maximise prospects of success. She is demonstrably skilled at anticipating challenges from opponents and preparing strategically in advance.

    Client, Leading financial services institution

  • Rabya articulates complex financial services industry specific information meticulously with masterful eloquence.

    Client, Large banking group

  • She drilled down into the detail relentlessly and methodically until complex and seemingly unsurmountable issues had been mastered and positioned persuasively.

    Client, Leading financial services institution

  • Rabya’s knowledge in the regulatory space is beyond doubt exemplary…I had the privilege of seeking her advice on several matters whilst [I was in leadership positions at two global banks] and until today within [C-suite of global commodities firm]. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

    Client, C-suite executive

  • Excellent knowledge of regulations and how they affected our organisation.

    Client, one of the world’s largest global brokerage firms headquartered in NY, USA

  • Strong technical knowledge…clear and methodical approach…extremely knowledgeable.

    Client, Leading financial services institution

  • Deep subject matter specialist in a number of areas of regulation…thorough understanding of the specificities unique to our business… trustworthy.

    Client, Domestic trading firm

  • She stands out a mile from her peers and is easily distinguished by how deeply engrained she has been in the financial services industry – she is truly a rare breed in this regard.

    Client, Leading financial services institution

  • Extraordinary stamina and boundless energy…Extremely talented with razor sharp focus.

    Client, Large banking group

  • Her great expertise and her knowledge of regulations were very helpful for our mission and I enjoyed working with her.

    Client, Major global energy commodities supply and trading institution headquartered in Paris, France

  • She was first class and highly responsive… high calibre in her field…demonstrated an impressive linguistic prowess which she can wield like a weapon.

    Client, Leading financial services institution

  • Not only was Rabya’s knowledge of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) exceptional, her presenting skills were extremely impressive, as were her responses to the many questions being asked…

    Client, World’s largest financial tech, data and media institution