Zoë is a family solicitor who exclusively acts in handling financial negotiations relating to separation. She is accredited by Resolution for emergency procedures in financial remedies and complex financial remedies.

Her practice consists of acting for and against entrepreneurs and high profile business people, as well as those with media exposure. Such work is often accompanied by difficult international elements including cross border tax issues and/or jurisdictional questions.

In addition to working for clients at the end of a relationship, she also undertakes negotiations and advice in relation to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, acting on behalf of trustees and high net worth families to protect their assets across the generations.

Clients benefit from Zoë’s background as a private client specialist, her international contacts and her dynamic and robust approach to all financial issues including disclosure and enforcement.

Zoë has an active collaborative practice, experience of arbitration and will always focus on results.


  • Zoë Bloom has an open, intelligent and challenging style that thinks well ahead of the other side and allows you to feel comfortable that matters are very well in hand. She is a great communicator and will always push you to consider other options so that you are ahead of the game and can make fully informed decisions about next steps or outcomes.

    Legal 500 2021

  • Zoë Bloom is a real fighter who is always one step ahead of the opposition. She foresees and addresses problems even before the client has spotted them. Her attention to detail is impeccable and her client care is exceptional. She is a genuine asset to a litigation team.

    Legal 500 2021

  • Described as part of the ‘new school’ of family lawyers, her focus is on outcome rather than process.

    Spear’s 2020

  • Zoë Bloom is a bright, feisty solicitor who always makes herself available and fights hard for her clients.

    Legal 500 2020

  • I found it a complete contrast to my previous meetings with divorce lawyers...who had refused to agree a strategy for my case.

    Mr B

  • She is not afraid to take on clients who are already in the middle of proceedings driving them through to settlement.

    Spear’s 2020

  • Zoë Bloom has been truly outstanding. From day 1 she has been empathetic, realistic, supremely accurate in her projections and demonstrates immense intelligence in every step she takes.

    Legal 500 2020

  • Zoe Bloom wins the admiration of her peers, one of whom says that she would instruct the 'formidably tenacious' lawyer herself if she were going through a divorce.

    Spear’s Magazine

  • I already said there are no words to express my gratitude to you for fighting my case with, to name a few points, the vigour, intelligence, precision and of course humour that you did. I will always remember.

    Ms E

  • A lawyer for the dynamic next generation.

    Spear’s Magazine

  • I’m so glad I found you!

    Ms G

  • Just wanted to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU ever! Hearing how passionate you were and how well you understand my husband made me so happy and at ease that you are without a doubt the best I can get or wish for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Ms A

  • Thank you for your sanity and firmness when needed.

    Mr H

  • I appreciate your strong legal background and your feline intuition applied to your problem solving skills, which usually allow you to get the best solution for your client.

    Mr L

  • A brilliant strategist. Never minces her words. Her advice is always spot on. An expert in high conflict cases. She just “gets it”. Clients love her - a brilliant lawyer with humour, warmth and empathy. I never hesitate to recommend her.

    Laura Rosefield
    Rosefield Divorce Consultancy LLP

  • An experienced and fearless strategist.

    Spear’s Magazine

  • Thank you again for your support through this gruelling process. You have helped us concentrate on what has mattered and you have done all this with a helpful injection of humour.

    Mr L

  • Pithy and straight talking.

    Spears Magazine

  • Absolutely amazing work you have done! So good. I feel tonight I can go to sleep a bit calmer! Yet again thank you for all your engagement and great work you do for me Zoe!

    Ms M

  • This is a big thank you for all your hard work, and support, in negotiating such an excellent settlement. You, Zoe, were the person for the job. Thank you, again, so much.

    Ms B

  • I only wish that I had retained you from the start. I suspect a deal would have done far earlier not least because you would have injected a degree of realism.

    Ms Y

  • Thank you again for everything. I was impressed by your representation. A very smart woman, and a really good result.

    Mr L

  • Thank you dear Zoe for your email, this is not just a court order, this sounds like a poem written by Shakespeare, I am most grateful to you and everyone at Keystone.

    Ms H

  • It is so easy to just let the process run away with you and I am very glad you did not let me do that.

    Ms Y

  • I cannot thank you enough Zoe, not only for being a brilliant and super solicitor but for being helpful and caring.

    Ms H

  • You helped me navigate through very stormy waters, whilst staying well afloat and relatively intact. You exude calm and confidence in the legal space you occupy, which are very good skills to possess.

    Ms D

  • Thanks so much for being so cool throughout.

    Mr E

  • I am very appreciative of all of your support, cajoling and patience over the last couple of years to get me there but above all I felt that I was going through the whole process with a friend by my side.

    Ms H

  • Thank you so much for not giving up on me even when I tested ALL your patience… and then some!!! Thank you also for your steady guidance and reassurance throughout the hearing, it made a huge difference. It was a totally exceptional result. Nuts! Thank you thankyou!!

    Ms R

  • I could not be more thankful for all the intelligent and warm support you have given me - as my solicitor but also as a woman and person.

    Ms T

  • You managed to lead me back to my objectives and make me feel empowered to do so. Thank you for having been both honest, badass, guiding and understanding.

    Ms T

  • I have not only come out of this divorce as a stronger woman but as a happier one. Throughout you have always respected my moral compass and lead the legal way with it in mind. Because of this, I feel good about what I won, how we played it and how it ended.

    Ms T

  • Zoe Bloom is an outstanding solicitor with a broad family law practice, specialising in high net worth families. Her excellent client skills are matched by her acute judgment, and she rightly takes pride in keeping her fees reasonable.

    Timothy Scott QC
    29 Bedford Row

  • Straight talking Zoë Bloom often acts for people locked in difficult conflict.

    Spears 500 2019

  • I am so thankful to have found you as my solicitor.

    Ms A

  • I spoke to plenty of divorce solicitors but none as strategic or dynamic as you. Your foresight and planning paid off.

    Ms A