Keystone Law has the highest “success rate” in litigation in the senior courts, a study by legal analytics company, Premonition has found.

For the latest report, Premonition, which has “the world’s largest litigation database”, analysed more than 11,000 senior court rulings over the period of the past three calendar years, having first examined all 143,922 UK cases that are available online.

Keystone Law achieved a 92% success rate in 14 appearances at High Court level and above over the past three years, according to the Florida-based artificial intelligence system’s report.

Lawyers whose cases feature in the collated data include Patrick Pennal, Peter Garry, Lawrence Abramson, Joanna McKenzie, Jill Benbow, Ben Garbett, Robert Lawrie, Jonathan Greensmith and Alison Bradley.

Dispute resolution forms an integral part of Keystone’s practice. The multi-disciplinary team works across a broad range of service and sector areas and is among the firm’s biggest, offering the knowledge and expertise of almost 70 partner-level lawyers.

James Knight, Managing Director at Keystone Law, said:

“Our litigators are true experts in dealing with contentious work and this is made evident in our success levels. As a result, this area of business has almost doubled in two years. I am delighted that the team’s dedication has been recognised.”