Date: Wednesday 7 December 2022

Time: 12:30 – 1:30 pm

This one hour talk is given remotely by Niall McCann and Richard Williams, two highly experienced partners at Keystone Law.

Niall and Richard will provide an overview of the Licensing Act 2003/Gambling Act 2005 with essential tips for those involved in licensed property transactions, including pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, theatres, cinemas, betting shops, concert venues and outdoor events.

The talk will include information on areas such as:

  • Dealing with licensed property – an overview
  • Types of premises that require licences (Licensing Act 2003/Gambling Act 2005/highways)
  • Enquiries before contract
  • Insolvency of the licence holder
  • Reviewing a licence (alcohol and gambling) – hours, activities, conditions, plans
  • Transferring licences and DPS changes
  • Protecting licences – shadow licences

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