Traditionally there have been three ways to connect to the internet; standard copper wire phone line (ADSL), fibre/copper connection (e.g. BT Infinity) and satellite connections (e.g. Sky). Solway Communications has now revolutionised internet access with the introduction of a fourth high-speed internet service – one without the need for wires and with guaranteed faster speeds.

In 2010 Solway Communications identified that there was a lack of high-speed internet access in Cumbria and introduced a new revolutionary way to access the web which would enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), schools and residential properties to gain access to the highest possible speeds.

Unlike many internet suppliers, Solway Communications offers customers access to the internet without the need to have a phone line and guarantees that you will have available at least 75% of the top speed of the package you selected – even at the busiest times. This is achieved by accurately monitoring the speeds every customer gets and quickly adding capacity wherever it is needed.

It is also one of the few suppliers to have no data limits (within a “fair usage policy”, of course).

How does it work?

Solway Communications transmits a secure wireless signal from several transmission points around Cumbria, all of which have a direct link to the World Wide Web, through the fibre-optic network.

Your smart antenna, installed by Solway, receives the signal from a transmitter in line-of-site.

Your router plugs into this receiver just as it would into your phone jack.

Following the success in Cumbria, Solway is implementing this new way of supplying the internet to homes across the Isle of Wight with further expansion plans underway across the UK.

Keystone’s team have worked alongside Solway since their launch, ensuring that they have the right corporate structure and other legal documentation.

“We needed a law firm who could help with every part of the business from commercial contracts through to planning and environmental issues. No local firms had the range of skills and experts needed and the costs would have escalated using a large city firm. Keystone offered us all the usual benefits of using a large firm but without the hefty price tag, and it was an added bonus knowing that only experienced lawyers would be dealing with our work.”

Nicholas Kittoe, Solway Communications

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