As a business becomes more successful, the need for an injection of capital increases or investors may seek to hedge their risks. When funds expand or existing assets mature, investors may look for new investment opportunities. Sophisticated investors who seek higher yields and diversified portfolios may look for exposure to a diverse range of asset classes, leverage, and bespoke features that meet their desired risk-and-reward profile. Whatever the objective of the business or investor, a range of financial products and transactions will be required.

Our banking and finance services

Keystone’s banking and finance solicitors can provide advice on a range of financing products. Our team understand that transactions are often complex due to the variation of interests, value, an ever-changing regulatory landscape, and a competitive marketplace. Whether it is finance for an acquisition, supply chain, asset-based lending, real estate or a bespoke structured scheme, we will have a specialist adviser for your project.

Who do we advise?

We advise major financial institutions, corporates, lenders, bridging financiers, receivables financier’s asset-backed lenders, funds and high-net-worth individuals. We also advise borrowers and those purchasing assets on finance. From drafting facility and security documents, to advising on the proposed purchase of specific debt types and from refinancing to enforcement action, advice from our banking lawyers is rigorous whilst pragmatic.

Why choose our banking and finance team?

Our all-senior team of banking lawyers have experience across a diverse range of transactions and financial service sectors. Their careers have seen them hold senior in-house roles at investment banks, private banks and funds, allowing them to advise you on how to meet your objectives duly taking into account your specific concerns and the environment in which you operate.

Where required, the team work closely with our Tax, Corporate and Commercial Property experts in relation to property and acquisition finance. They also work hand in hand with the Dispute Resolution, Restructuring and Insolvency teams in situations that see transactions not following their expected course and/or to enforce or defend your rights as a lender or as a borrower under challenging circumstances.

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