The energy and natural resources sector is one of the most important and fast-changing sectors in the world, and therefore energy law and legislation is constantly evolving.

Our energy law services

Our dedicated team of energy solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to provide tailored advice on energy transactions and swiftly resolve any energy disputes. We ensure that our energy clients are informed on any issues relating to contracts, finance, construction, and other regulatory problems that can arise during a project. The experienced team of energy lawyers at Keystone Law work in all sectors of the industry and have the knowledge and commercial acumen you need to ensure your energy project is a success. Whether you are working on an issue relating to Oil & Gas, Mining, or Renewables & Green Technology, we work as part of your team to resolve your toughest legal challenges quickly and efficiently as they arise.

Oil & Gas will continue to play an important part of the ‘energy mix’ for most developed economies over the next 50 years and beyond. Net zero carbon emissions does not mean that industrialised nations will cease their heavy reliance upon fossil fuels. As a critical component within the petrochemical and agriculture sectors, the demand for hydrocarbons is set to continue and remain important throughout the Energy Transition phase as governments meet the challenges of the 21st century. And the reality is that the internal combustion engine will remain essential to power road, sea and air transportation for many decades to come, as will natural gas to generate power. Recognition of the continuing importance that Oil & Gas will have for developed economies is the key driver why our Energy and Natural Resources sector continues to be an area in which we invest and expand our expertise.

Who do we advise?

Our energy lawyers work with a range of organisations within the sector, including utility companies, developers, commodity traders, mining companies, financers, waste companies, renewables and construction companies.

Why choose our energy team?

Several of our energy law experts have experience of working in-house as legal counsel for various energy companies, giving them specialist insight into the industry. They are all highly experienced advisers to the energy sector, each with their own distinct specialism.

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