Planning for the future is often a daunting prospect. But ensuring you have protected your wealth and assets by structuring your estate in a tax-efficient way can not only provide you with peace of mind, it can also help remove the burdens of additional stress and costs for your family and other beneficiaries, should the unexpected happen.

Our probate and estate planning services

At Keystone, our lawyers have the expertise to present you with all the options to consider when it comes to planning for your estate or managing probate. Advice on how best to settle affairs appropriately is delivered in a timely, practical and sensitive manner. We advise on the full range of estate planning services, including making a will, estate administration, establishing a family trust, inheritance tax planning, succession planning and any other probate-related issues.

Who do we advise?

Individuals turn to our probate lawyers for advice on will creation, trusts and estate planning. We also advise the executors of a deceased’s estate whilst identifying any tax or asset-related issues.

Why choose our probate and estate planning team?

Our specialist probate lawyers can help to simplify the complex process of planning effectively for the future as well as dealing with an individual’s estate after their death. The team comprises highly experienced probate lawyers, as well as tax experts to help with any issues relating to taxes.

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