As one of the UK’s fastest-growing law firms and a true innovator, Keystone Law’s flexible structure is transforming the delivery of legal services in Northern Ireland. With a team of local lawyers who understand the needs of businesses and individuals in the region who operate domestically and further afield, the firm uses proprietary technology to deliver a bespoke service, tailored to every client.

Supported by a carefully curated team of 450 lawyers within the Keystone Law group, our local lawyers are able to draw on international links and comprehensive experience dealing with every area of law.

Keystone lawyers advise businesses and individuals using the law of England & Wales, the first choice for many international deals and legal matters. The law of England & Wales is known for its flexibility, predictability and stability, accompanied by a strong and reliable judicial system.

When expert local advice is required, we have trusted relationships with local counsel and can work with them to provide a tailored multi-jurisdictional approach.

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