What happened?

For a brief moment in May 2016, it seemed the>Training staff should not require much business change, but it will require some staff time. For example, do HR and customer support teams need training to ensure they are up to speed with>Category 3: Changes that will not need action per se but which you need to know about to assess the risks to your business:

This category includes the increase in the level of fines (from £500k up to 2–4% of global turnover depending on the breach). Getting the consent requirement wrong has, to date, not been a major area of enforcement action by the regulator and is therefore relatively low risk to non-compliant businesses. Post-GDPR, getting the consent mechanisms wrong could cost you 4% of your global turnover. Businesses who wish to carry on with current non-compliant practices will have to ‘watch and wait’ to see examples of how the fines are implemented by the regulators in practice, but this carries risk and will not be attractive to investors.Although it is possible that these fines will not ‘carry through’ to our national laws if we leave Europe, this seems very unlikely. The regulator has long called for increased powers and monetary penalties for breaching the rules, and fines are the best way to motivate compliance.Category 4: Potentially more expensive /difficult GDPR changes:Some businesses (not many) may need to appoint a trained>

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