Alasdair is a technology lawyer who has spent over 20 years working at the interface of law and IT with expertise spanning IT and ecommerce law, data protection and privacy, contract law, copyright and other intellectual property rights and consumer protection law.

His clients include UK-based and international cloud services providers, online platform operators, ecommerce businesses, software and website developers, systems integrators, resellers, managed services providers and digital media companies.

The heart of Alasdair’s practice is helping these businesses manage legal risk and exploit commercial opportunities, by:

  • advising on legal compliance, including providing practical advice relating to data protection, product design and development, marketing systems and sales processes;
  • creating contract documentation, including drafting contracts for customers, licensees, resellers, referral partners, suppliers, subcontractors and business partners, each tailored to the technology, brand and risk tolerance of the client;
  • negotiating contract terms, shepherding contracts negotiations from handshake to signature, advising clients on strategies and tactics, and providing smart solutions to overcome roadblocks.