Alison is an aviation solicitor with extensive experience having worked at two international law firms and three major airlines as General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer in the Middle East and Asia. Her main areas of expertise involve advising banks, lessors, manufacturers, major service providers and sellers to the airline industry and Airlines (therefore having the advantage of knowing the commercial considerations and perspectives of all parties to a transaction) on a wide range of aviation business including aircraft sales, purchases and novations, fleet restructuring,  pre-delivery financing, the purchase, financing and leasing of aircraft/engines and all related aircraft and onboard equipment and technology.

As the head of legal for three major airlines, Alison’s experience extends to advising on all aspects of aviation industry commercial contracts/licences including, but not limited to: wet/dry/damp leases and charters, TCAs, all GDS/IT-related matters, ground handling, catering, jet fuel supply, security, airport use, Conditions of Carriage, etc. Alison also has experience in advising on passenger regulatory matters and customer relations matters.