Annabel is a very experienced litigator and family practitioner who handles dispute resolution cases across a wide range of areas. She acts predominantly for individuals and families in times of crisis and also small companies both in the UK and overseas.

Annabel is a collaborative practitioner, a trained family mediator, an associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a member of Resolution. This provides her with the specialised skill set needed to successfully resolve a wide range of disputes particularly partnership, families (including contested probates and Inheritance Act claims) neighbours and landlord and tenant matters.

Earlier in her career, she was on the Personal Injury Panel for The Law Society, having successfully settled many claims, particularly for motorcyclists.

  • If Annabel has your back you feel like you have a whole army behind you.

    E. Seal

  • One of the best litigation solicitors I have ever come across.

    A. Schofield

  • Having just achieved a settlement to a bruising contract dispute over a residential house sale some 3 years ago, I can confirm that being involved as a private individual in a legal dispute is as miserable, expensive and frustrating as anticipated. The only ray of light in this dark episode was selecting and working with Annabel. She is not only breathtakingly competent, knowledgeable and efficient but has an array of qualities less expected in a high-calibre lawyer; flexibility, creativity and a refreshing and well-timed sense of humour. I cannot recommend her more highly.

    C. Kirchner

  • Your prompt support and pertinent advice gave me confidence during these critical negotiations.

    B. Banerji

  • You have always shown great professionalism, but more than that you have shown us genuine concern, compassion and empathy for our situation and that was so important to us.

    M. Pimm

  • The service I received was brilliant. Annabel was extremely clear with her explanations, kept me updated with any developments and always got back to me as soon as possible. Her warm and friendly demeanour and efficient working made what could have been an unpleasant process much easier for me

    C. Farthing

  • Thank you, 100 times, for your patience and guidance through this long process.


  • Your good heart for me in all this has shone. I am so very grateful.


  • Having your endless support has given me confidence and I cannot ever thank you enough for all your guidance and support - greatly appreciated.


  • Thank you so very much Annabel for all your advice, patience and understanding. You really have been astounding. When we have been down you always made us feel so much better with your positive outlook.

    Mr. DT

  • Annabel is so very positive and supportive. Every time we were at a low ebb she always made us feel confident, encouraged and happier. Her succinct knowledge, professional and friendly work ethic was very much admired and respected by us.

    Anne Williams

  • Annabel is clearly one of the very best at what she does. Experienced and tenacious in managing tricky situations, she also displays compassion with her clients. I can highly recommend.

    Conrad Curtis