Claire is an experienced family solicitor who has specialised in family law since 2000. She is skilled in resolving the complex financial consequences faced when a relationship breaks down, whether the couple is married, in a civil partnership or unmarried.

She also advises on emergency injunctions for urgent protection. In addition, Claire acts for parents in disputes concerning their children, with a high success of reaching solutions without making court applications.

Above all, Claire is committed to helping couples part with dignity and to minimise the impact on the family. She is a trained collaborative lawyer and mediator as well as a regular contributor to family law journals and the national press.

  • Claire has the gift for getting to the heart of a dispute, no matter how complex, and finding the right solution. She is astute, determined and never intimidated by the opposition. Clients love her. Claire has the rare skill and experience to manage cases involving money and children with equal dexterity. She has compassion and empathy without losing her steely focus. Claire is calm in any storm and carries her clients through the tempestuous journey of relationship breakdown.

    Leading Family QC

  • I want you to know that I feel so grateful I had you alongside this journey in my life. Your support has been invaluable, not only from a (very) professional point but from a human one as well. I felt you gave me the strength to be firm and strong when my husband was so psychologically aggressive and tried to be manipulative.

    Mrs S-D

  • You were not only very professional, I felt like I was being looked after by a team of friends who were concerned about how my case was going.

    Mrs D

  • Words that come to mind are patient, persistent and generous with her time.

    Mrs C

  • You have made a difficult process much more bearable and always provide insightful service.

    Miss D

  • Claire O’Flinn at Keystone Law was recommended to me as a solicitor who would be able to guide me through the minefield of unravelling my marriage. True to the recommendation, Claire guided me through the process seamlessly explaining how each step of divorce works and what would be sensible and fair for me to consider in my decision making regarding the division of marital finances and considerations for spousal and child maintenance. I would highly recommend Claire to anybody finding themselves going through a divorce. Rather than add to the trauma of separation and divorce, Claire has carefully and gently guided me through the process from petitioning for divorce to the receipt of a decree absolute after ensuring a fair settlement agreement between my ex wife and I. Thank you Claire.

    Mr. W

  • No wonder Sophie recommended you, you're bloody brilliant.

    Mrs. A

  • You do definitely do an amazing job of helping people out of awful situations!

    Ms. F

  • Thanks to you and the team for all you have done. It is appreciated. I am not sure that comes across. It’s a foul weather job you do.

    Mr C