James is a leisure and hospitality sector expert with over 15 years’ experience advising on real estate and licensing matters. His clients include an extensive and wide-range of restaurants, pubs, cafe chains, nightclubs, and investors.

James also has substantial experience advising on all alcohol and entertainment licensing matters, and has more recently developed an expertise in the emerging CBD market.

  • James has proven invaluable to us, with his knowledge of the nuances of the licensing regime, through to his extended contacts in and around the sector.

    Graeme Hawkins
    Owner of The London Shuffle Club

  • It is no exaggeration to say that Simmons wouldn’t be where it is now without James.

    Nick Campbell
    CEO and founder of Simmons Bars

  • James has been a tower of strength for the Night Time Industries Association and its members, many would not have survived without his excellent guidance and advice.

    Michael Kill

  • … hardworking, fiercely intelligent and always creative in all that he does. An astounding knowledge of the law tempered by a personal ability to know when to push, and when to give ground.

    Alex Proud
    CEO and owner of Proud Cabaret

  • Committed friend of the hospitality sector, knows his way across the dancefloor and into the DJ booth, and also happens to be rather good at property and licensing law!

    Rob Star
    CEO and founder of Electric Star Pubs and Eastern Electrics Festival