James has nearly 20 years’ experience and specialises in bridging finance and short-term property finance, as well as, residential and commercial property transactions.

James is renowned for his expertise as a bridging finance lawyer and acts on a regular basis for both lenders and borrowers. He has extensive experience in both standard and bespoke transactions. James’s knowledge in this area means that he is able to anticipate and fully understand lenders’ requirements and thus expedite the transaction. Keystone’s flexible structure is able to accommodate a high volume of matters combined with a quick turnaround, which truly reflects the nature of the ‘bridging’ industry.

James has acted for AIB, Fiduciam Nominees Limited, Fincorp, Handlesbanken, Royal Highnesses, Russell Crowe (Universal), Stride-Up, Future Bricks, and various borrowers.

James also offers an ‘independent legal advice’ service for directors taking guarantees with a mortgage or bridging loans.