Jamie provides specialist legal advice to the sports, events and entertainment industries. Jamie’s expertise extends across motorsport, rugby, cricket, golf and football, as well as Olympic sports including athletics, rowing, and alpine and freestyle skiing. He also advises on legal issues connected with a wide range of live events, as well as providing transactional and litigation advice to talent agencies, high-profile actors, television and sports personalities. Jamie’s wider expertise includes advising on product safety and liability, education matters, agricultural and rural issues particularly farm partnerships, forestry and woodland and BNG and Nutrient Mitigation. He also provides specialist advice in relation to the sale, purchase and restoration of art and antiques and also classic, vintage and historic cars.

Jamie is a CEDR accredited mediator and has wide ranging experience of High Court and County Court proceedings, as well as national and international arbitration, mediation and national and international sports tribunals. He is also a past Chair of Snowsport England and an RFU Registered Agent.