Naomi is a family solicitor with over 20 years’ experience in litigation and alternative dispute resolution, bringing with her a wealth of experience in acting for a variety of clients. Her practice area is particularly focussed on complex financial proceedings involving high-net-worth and high-profile clients.

Naomi regularly advises on matters concerning wealth protection, from a family law perspective to those with media exposure. She has acted on many high-profile cases involving professional footballers and sportspeople whilst ensuring that her client’s private matters are kept out of the media spotlight. Her background in alternative dispute resolution allows her to think outside the court-process box and provide a holistic approach to her cases to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved given the unique and individual aspects of each case.

  • I wanted to express such thanks to Naomi today: what a kind professional and efficient member of the team she is. Naomi managed the conference superbly and at times really took the pressure off of me. Above all she was focused and very good with supporting the client. I really think she is a credit to your firm and is one of the best people I have had a court for a long time.

    The 36 Group

  • I am so grateful for all your support and care through the whole process. Thank you for picking me up when I’ve needed it and being a ‘virtual’ shoulder to cry on. I wouldn’t have got through it without you.

    Mrs C

  • Thank you for being an amazing support and now friend.

    Ms G

  • Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! So so much … I still can’t believe that outcome … I was smiling on the Tube ... then started crying (happy tears). It’s just very overwhelming and I’m a bit in shock that we actually got there! I can’t thank you enough!

    Ms B

  • I am so grateful to you, in supporting me and getting me through this.

    Mr M