Family lawyer Ruth is a specialist adviser to individuals and couples going through a divorce, helping to resolve any disputes involving finances or children. In addition to assisting married couples, she also works with unmarried couples going through similar issues.

Ruth deals with complex family law matters, many of which have an international element, such as advising on forum disputes in divorce proceedings, international relocation of children, and obtaining and enforcing worldwide freezing orders in financial cases.

Her clients include doctors, lawyers, bankers, accountants and other business professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities in the public eye or their partners.

  • Ruth is an absolutely superb lawyer. She handled what was at times a very tricky situation with great poise and skill, fantastic legal insight and exceptional negotiating expertise. She knew the right times to stand firm and when to adopt a degree of greater flexibility in order to optimise the outcome. She has a natural confidence and authority that is great to have on your side. Ruth skilfully navigated past numerous challenges and achieved a superb outcome for me.

    London professional in a Finance & Children matter

  • You have always been the very best combination in a solicitor - knowledgeable, measured, calm in a crisis, empathetic, understanding, a great listener and a damn good letter writer!..