Youth homelessness is a real and frightening issue. Today, there are around 80,000 young people in the UK who have found themselves homeless due to family breakdown, abuse and mental health issues among other reasons, not including those unregistered.

Unfortunately the severity of the situation is increasing, culminating with vulnerable young people facing problems concerning unemployment, lack of education and even self-harm and suicide.

Byte Night

On October 2nd, more than 1500 people will take part in the annual charity sleep-out, Byte Night, in support of Action for Children. Among them will be a group of Keystone lawyers doing their bit to campaign against youth homelessness. The event includes members of the business and technology sectors spending a night sleeping outside in the streets across eight UK sites, stressing the hardships of sleeping rough.

Lawyers Paul Renney and Clare Back will be participating in the event in London, and Ben Garbett and Clare Lucas in Bristol, giving up the comfort of their own beds for the night to raise money for such an important cause.

So if you are feeling generous, please donate what you can using the link below and keep your fingers crossed for a warm and dry night!