Keystone Law’s Australian division – Keypoint Law officially opened for business at the beginning of June. Several high profile lawyers have already joined the firm and interest from around the country increases daily. To wish the team well on their journey Keystone Law drafted in the services of a British town crier based in Sydney to announce their arrival and pass on a light hearted greeting.

My lords, ladies and gentlemen

It is bestowed upon me the duty of delivering greetings from the City of London, England and the home of Keystone Law.

I am advised that you are about to embark upon an incredible journey of discovery, that you are pioneers within the esteemed and glorious profession of law, that you will not always find this journey easy but that prosperity and a richness of life will reward your perseverance a thousand times over. Fortune favours the brave my friends, and so it shall be with you.

Keystone of London thanks you for being a part of its own continuing adventure on which it welcomes you with open arms.

I am required to deliver particular reference to those two individuals known as Warren Kalinko esquire and Lucas Fuller esquire. Keystone of London recognises exceptional endeavour on behalf of these two gentlemen who have operated beyond the call of duty and exceeded the capacity of ordinary mortal men. Keystone bestows thanks and huge respect for their hard work, enthusiasm, diligence, good humour and media savviness. Without you Keypoint Law would never have been borne and the lawyers of Australia would be without hope of salvation.

That merely remains for me to wish you

FREEDOM …..from monthly billing targets, LIBERTY …..from partner meetings and EQUALITY with all your new colleagues at Keypoint Law.

And in the words of the great late Sir Winston Churchill "never never never….give up".