Keystone Law is delighted to announce they will be partnering with educational platform Monkfeet and online personal food shopper Mucho to deliver a series of events for the food entrepreneurs looking to grow and conquer the market.

Representing many of the industry’s up-and-coming start-ups, entrepreneurs and known brands, including James Averdieck of Gü, SNOG and G’NOSH, Keystone is exceptionally well placed to advise on the challenges facing those looking to break into, as well as those already established in, this market.

FoodMob will be a monthly event held in Camden that brings together some of the biggest names and advisers in food to create the definitive toolbox for food entrepreneurs. Expect sharp insights, concrete action points, unparalleled access to industry leaders, and a cheat sheet to take home.


Demand Creators – Creating Demand for New Foods, Seemingly Out of Thin Air8 September

Have you ever wondered why one day, out of nowhere, cold brew coffee became the drink of the moment? Or how crickets overtook the shelves of Planet Organic? Or how, all of a sudden, chocolate came to be marketed as a health food? Join us to discover how to create demand, seemingly out of thin air.

More than just starting trends, we’ll discover how brands have created a market for products that no one had ever heard of, or that had even been seen as undesirable. Meet the founders of food businesses that created both a product and a market, and the tastemakers who helped them on their way.

Building Social Influence in the Food Space15 September

As part of Social Media Week, join us for a panel discussion on how to use social media effectively in the business of food. We’ll bring together food brands, successfully building a following through social media, experts in social media and content creation, and industry influencers to discuss the most pressing questions in social media today. Walk away with practical ideas about how to create compelling content and use social media to connect with your customers.

Game-Changing Food Brands11 October 2016

Join the founders of some of the strongest brands in the industry for an intimate panel discussion on how to create a game-changing food brand. Learn how the creators of some of the most recognizable names in the business created spot-on branding, and walk away with practical ideas and inspiration to take your company to the next level.

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