Day 2: Wednesday 16th March

So, let’s pick up where I left off yesterday; a meeting on a boat to exchange contracts for a development site in London. I was collected from the jetty next to the Palais des Festivals on the 62ft cruiser belonging to the seller’s lawyer. We then cruised out to the Ile Sainte-Marguerite where we anchored, ate lunch and agreed the contract. After a brief visit back onshore to print documents, clients signed at 7.30pm on board the boat and voila, an attended exchange in Cannes.

In the meantime, I had to squeeze in the three meetings set up for the day – thanks to my Keystone colleagues we had everything covered.

The conference is buzzing but this is definitely the first MIPIM for 4 years where there is no feeling that things are on the up. The best you can hear is that the market is on a plateau. Today, it’s wet and windy, the beach restaurants are closed and the only people making money are the umbrella vendors and taxi drivers.

Tonight I’m heading out of Cannes to a client’s party in the hills, overlooking the bay.

As the song goes, the sun will come out tomorrow!

Day 1: Tuesday 15th March

I become very interested in the Cannes weather forecast about 7 days before MIPIM, getting the wardrobe right is important – in 2010 it snowed! My mind then turned to what the forecast might be for the UK property market over the coming year. By the end of the week the themes will be established and we will all leave Cannes with a better understanding of the collective market view.

On the agenda; politics and a lot of it, new mayor for London and new mayoral authorities in the regions; the EU referendum and aftermath; and most immediately the Budget. Will George to be able to resist to temptation to further tax an industry seen by the masses to be doing rather well? We shall see, for now I’m off to a meeting on a boat, I’m told we are going to agree and then exchange contracts on a development site today. Should be interesting.

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