Mark is a highly regarded commercial lawyer with considerable cross-border experience. He has been a judge; worked in-house; worked in private practice; built hedge funds; advised governments and run private- and public-sector organisations. Much of his career has been spent finding solutions, negotiating deals and developing commercial trust and confidence.

Having lived for a number of years in the Middle East, and having worked across South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Mark is well connected with solid policy and multi-industry international experience dealing with stakeholders from the government, judiciary, regulators, legal and business communities, public and media across a number of geographies.

Mark is passionate about resolving problems: he is President of the International Association of Court Administration, a visiting fellow at Oxford University in the sphere of reputation building and management, a member of the World Economic Forum’s expert network and sits on a number of governmental taskforces related to AI and justice.

  • Perhaps the last important piece put into place, administratively, during these early years occurred in 2008 with the naming of Mark Beer as the judiciary’s full-time, Dubai-based Registrar. In many ways Beer’s appointment helped further elevate the global presence, power and prestige of the DIFC Courts. Over the years, Beer’s reputation within the legal and business community has been stellar. He is thought of as brilliant, honest, charismatic, and eloquent, and someone who is seen as having boundless, optimistic energy.

    Professor Jayanth Krishnan, Milt and Judi Stewart Professor of Law; Director, Milt and Judi Stewart Center on the Global Legal Profession, Maurer School of Law, Indiana University in his book ‘The story of the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts’

  • Sir Anthony has sung his praises, noting how: ‘I cannot even begin to say how fortunate the Courts were to recruit him or to describe the efficiency and above all the vision and flair he has brought to the office of Registrar. Under his leadership the Courts’ staff has become an effective team, and he is a powerful ambassador for the Courts in Dubai and the UAE and internationally. Allow me a nautical metaphor— his talents are now in full flood, and I simply commend him for what he has done and what he will certainly achieve in the future.

    Sir Anthony Evans, former Chief Justice of the Dubai International Financial Centre Courts