Firm crowned ‘Firm of the Year 2021’ in annual legal survey

Keystone Law has been named the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2021, achieving a 94% satisfaction score and its lawyers and staff stating that they were overwhelmingly satisfied with their pay, career development and work/life balance, as well as the firm’s management, culture and COVID-19 response.

Keystone was named the top firm out of 54 other qualifying law firms and achieved the highest score that has ever been recorded from the annual RollOnFriday survey, significantly ahead of joint second place winners Mills and Reeves, Ropes and Gray, DAC Beachcroft and Sherman & Stirling. Over 5,000 people working in law firms took part and rated their firm on pay, career development, work/life balance, culture and management.

The firm’s success in the survey is attributed to Keystone’s innovative model, which provides complete autonomy and freedom to lawyers as well as being fairly remunerated for their work.

Keystone has also been highly praised for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with its lawyers and staff unaffected by the change in working practices. One lawyer commented:

There was literally zero adjustment required. I noticed no difference to my workflows.” Due to its high-tech infrastructure, the firm is perfectly set up for remote working. “Keystone was miles ahead of all the other firms when it came to remote working,” said a Keystone partner. “I would not have wanted to be making an emergency change to my working arrangements in the midst of a busy practice.”

It is not just the disruptive model that makes lawyers at Keystone happy. The firm’s flat structure removes the internal politics often found at traditional firms. As one lawyer said:

“The beauty of life at Keystone is that there are no ‘Partners’ in the true sense of the word – so no pointless Partners’ meetings, no committees, no politics. It’s just me, my clients and getting back to why I wanted to be a solicitor in the first place. All the ‘noise’ has gone away. It’s liberating!”

James Knight, CEO and Founder of Keystone Law, said:

“It is wonderful to see so many of our satisfied lawyers taking part in the RollOnFriday survey and confirming what we have always believed – our lawyers are happy! We aimed to create a firm which puts lawyers back into the driving seat of their careers by rethinking the traditional law firm model. I’m delighted to see that as the firm grows, our core values and approach are still satisfying the many lawyers who took the leap into new law and have never looked back.”

This is the second ‘Law Firm of the Year’ accolade the firm has won in just a few months, having been crowned Law Firm of the Year at The Lawyer Awards in November 2020.

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