Keystone Law has advised the green energy group Ecotricity and its owner Dale Vince OBE on the development of a UK-based ‘sky mining facility’, used to manufacture the world’s first sustainable diamonds.

Powered solely by green energy, the diamonds, called Sky Diamond®, are made using a process called composite vapour deposition, which takes carbon, water and energy and with the help of an enzyme, produces a synthetic layer. Once mixed with the right purity of gases, a diamond is created. The Ecotricity team took over five years to perfect Sky Diamond®, ensuring that they are chemically identical to diamonds mined from the earth at considerable damage to the environment.

Led by construction and engineering partner Jon Close, Keystone drafted and negotiated numerous engineering contracts on behalf of Ecotricity to enable the development of the ‘Sky Diamond® mining facility’ where the elements are sourced to create the diamonds.

Ecotricity’s eco-friendly facility is powered by wind and solar energy, and the water used in production is collected from rainfall.

Tom Cowling, General Counsel and director of Ecotricity, said: “Jon and his team at Keystone were an integral part of the development of our Sky Diamond® manufacturing plant. Jon guided us reliably and commercially through the novel and complex contracting and procurement issues this fascinating project present – a 24-carat service!”

Jon Close said: “Having advised on this project since 2016, it’s fantastic to see the concept become a reality and I am delighted to have assisted my long-standing client in this exciting venture.”