Keystone Law’s international aviation lawyers James Healy-Pratt and Owen Hanna, who have over 32 years of international aviation legal experience and achieved over US$1bn in settlements, have joined a global team of US, Australian, Singapore and Irish aviation lawyers to independently investigate the causes of Singapore Airlines Flight 321.

On 21 May 2024, SQ Flight 321 encountered an inflight issue at 37,000 feet en route to Singapore. This caused serious injuries to many passengers as well as a fatality to a British passenger on board the Boeing 777 airliner. Turbulence has been suggested as the probable potential cause. Other potential causes may well emerge for the traumatic experience suffered by those on board.

Our international team have made contact with Singapore Airlines’ aviation insurers, and are now in discussions with their defence lawyers.

James Healy-Pratt commented:

“Air safety for passengers and crew is a fundamental right and not a privilege. In 2010, our team assisted over 100 injured passengers and crew on Qantas Flight 72 for compensation claims in the US and Australian Courts for injuries. We urge those who have been impacted by the events on SQ Flight 321 to seek legal advice as the investigation into Singapore Airlines is now underway.”

Families and passengers of SQ 321 are welcome to contact James and Owen for a confidential discussion about how our international team can best assist them.

For more detailed information, please see our article on the aviation litigation process here.

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