Keystone Law’s intellectual property solicitor Robert Pocknell has become the UK contributor to the standard essential patents (SEP) and Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory licensing (FRAND) hub launched by Global Competition Review and IAM Media and has published a paper on the UK’s latest litigation and policy developments for the sector in the publication.

Robert joins a board of contributors to the respected hub, which includes international firms such as Ropes & Gray, Gleis Lutz and JunHe.

In his first paper for the hub, Robert considers what the increase in the number of significant decisions being made and activities being undertaken in the UK in relation to SEP and FRAND will mean for the sector and outlines the significance of the UK Intellectual Property Office’s review into the role of SEPs.

Other areas considered in the paper include:

  • the role of the UK Competition and Markets Authority following Brexit;
  • the upheaval within the UK telecoms industry due to supply chain diversification, 5G and Open RAN; and
  • the emergence of internet of things claims and new industries.

Robert’s full article can be read here.

Robert Pocknell said:

“I expect the UK will continue to be a hotbed of activity in the SEP/FRAND space in 2023. The law and policy for SEPs and FRAND licensing is constantly developing and we are now seeing emerge the real clash of business practices as some telecoms companies seek more and more revenue from the healthcare and energy industries.”

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