Keystone IP partner Jon Moorhouse has acted as editor for the latest Special Report published by Globe Law and Business on Intellectual Property in the Energy Sector. Jon and fellow Keystone IP solicitor Robert Pocknell have also written chapters in the book on upstream energy joint ventures and the licensing challenges presented by Standard Essential Patents respectively.

This standalone Special Report looks at the challenges and opportunities that intellectual property issues present for different areas of this broad and rapidly changing sector, including:

  • Upstream: exploration and production of hydrocarbons across the full lifecycle of oil and gas fields.
  • Standard essential patents: how patents on wireless interoperability, at one time solely the domain of the telecoms industry, are increasingly applicable in the energy sector, and the licensing challenges this raises.
  • Downstream: oil and gas processing technology and resulting differentiated fuel and lubricant products.
  • Renewables: a look at the role of IP in supporting renewables businesses, with a spotlight on a solar start-up.
  • Digitalisation: the transformational impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning on the sector as a whole and how IP rights underpin this.
  • Brand and reputation: how energy businesses seek to protect and exploit their brands and reputations as well as their technology, in order to differentiate themselves in an intensely competitive market.

The publication is considered essential reading for legal advisers and anyone in a commercial role dealing with the energy sector who is seeking a deeper understanding of the vital role intellectual property plays in shaping and achieving business objectives.

Jon Moorhouse commented:

“I was delighted to be invited to edit and contribute to this book. Being able to draw on the expertise of experts in the sector, particularly my colleague Robert, ensured we were able to cover a range of pertinent issues and provide a practical guide to the importance of IP in the sector, particularly at a time of transition to renewable energy, with increased digitalisation and the advent of the internet of things.”

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